IDS-ADI Matrix 8

Each vendor makes their own ISO 15926 Part 7 interface. ADI / IDS will make some hours available to have meetings for solving problems and cross-pollination, and some programmer's training is given.

Matrix leader: Onno Paap (Fluor) - timezone Central Europe (The Netherlands).


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ISO 15926 Compliancy Spec (MS Word)


This is a prototype demonstration made by the software company themselves under guidance of the ADI team. The purpose is to gain hands-on experience using their own tools and computer languages.

The teams keep each other up-to-date on lessons learned, but are not required to give out source code.

An 1-week implementation training will be given in the Fluor-Netherlands offices to programmers who want to start on this.

Level of implementation

Demonstration "proof-of-concept" grade software.

Level of compliancy

The highest level of compliancy as this is the objective.

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