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IDS-ADI Technology Infrastructure

This page describes and links to the technology resources that comprise the IDS-ADI Infrastructure in two parts.

  • Those technology resources that underpin the IDS-ADI Project documentation and management processes.
  • Those technology resources that represent the deliverables and works-in-progress of the IDS-ADI Implementors Team. (June 2009 UPDATE - Go here you are looking for the "iRING" open-source technology.)

Coordination Technology

Coordination technology includes technology resources supporting the documentation, management and development processes.


The trac.posccaesar.org host is a PCA host that includes projects outside of IDS-ADI as well. This is where most of the documentation and management resources are held.

  • Trac Wiki hosts these pages along with pages for other PCA projects.


The rdswip.ids-adi.org host is the intended home of the RDS/WIP and is also used as the repository for development resources.

  • A Subversion repository is used for source code required to support the RDS/WIP, plus presentation scripts and documents for the site. Much of this is public, but some require logins to modify or logins to see.

Tools and Guides

The following pages address using the wiki, forums, and supporting tools.

  • Contact Points so you can get an account for protected pages, the discussion groups and the subversion repository.
  • Document Storage discusses the repository and provides links to tools for using subversion to manage and edit documents.
  • New Page Creation provides some instruction on creating new pages and editing them on the PCA Trac server.
  • IDS-ADI Page Editing & Policy provides guidance on editing IDS-ADI pages specifically on the PCA Trac server.
  • IDS-ADI Branding provides resources for IDS-ADI branding web pages and power point presentations.

Standard Support Technology

The Standard Support Technology encompasses those technology resources that support projects for technical deliverables of the IDS-ADI Implementors Team.


The ISO15926 OWL page provides some information and links to discussions on how to represent ISO 15926 in OWL/RDF. The conclusion at this stage is that we need one representation for reasoning and another for conventional semantic web interoperability.


The RDS/WIP Project is intended to progress the features and availability of the RDS/WIP.


The QXF Project is intended to provide plain XML with sufficient rigor to be transformed to ISO 15926 OWL/RDF without the need for mapping files or complex, context-sensitive algorithms.

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