Daily Drilling Report 1.2

Mission and Goal

This project was initiated by EPIM as a followup to the two previous Daily Drilling Report Projects.
The objective of the project was:


  • The project started November 2010 based on the approved EPIM RUF Work Specification 2010
  • The Cut of date for reporting to PSA according to the new formats and the start up date for DDR in EPIM ReportingHub is set to April 1st 2012


All project documentation has been stored in a document repository


Proposed deliverables:

  • Updated DDR 1.2
    • XML Schema annotated with SAWSDL providing links to the dictionary
    • Updated XSLT (proposed standard report)
    • Updated dictionary (concepts and definitions) with valid URIs (link addresses)
  • Documentation
    • Updated semantic report
    • Change log
    • Proposed next step
    • Test example


The following are the parties contracted by EPIM for doing the planned work in the project:

  • POSC Caesar Association (PCA)
    • Project management
    • Updates to the PCA/ISO15926 reference data
  • Capgemini
    • Updates to the XML Schema
    • Creation of transformation rules and standard html report layout
  • DNV
    • Assist PCA on updates to the PCA/ISO15926 reference data