EPIM Reporting Forum - Drilling

Collaborating to create Standards for Drilling Data on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS)

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The EPIM Reporting Forum (ReF) is the responsible body for maintaining and enabling enhancements to the common reports to authorities and licence partners on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The standard XML schemas and corresponding reference data resulting from collaborative projects are under continuous development by the stakeholders in the Oil & Gas industry.

The open standards' approach invites all stakeholders to propose improvements by submitting a ticket. You can follow the development of the drilling standard in the: Collaboration Room. Here you can find all version of the XML schemas and the proposed changes.

For more information see EPIM's website.

Daily Drilling Report (DDR)

All operator companies drilling wells on the Norwegian Continental Shelf shall submit a daily report to the authorities. From February 1, 2008, the Daily Drilling Report (DDR) XML Schema is the required format for reporting to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) and the Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA)

The released official versions of the Daily Drilling Report standard are

VersionValid fromValid to
1.2.0April 7. 2012
1.1.0October 1. 2009October 1. 2012
1.0.0February 17. 2008October 1. 2009

See also Ptil's webpage on DDR and especially Ptil's user guide for DDR NB: Only MS Internet Explorer supported for the user guide.