Daily Drilling Report 1.1 (Phase 2)

Mission and Goal

This project was initiated by OLF as a followup to the initial Daily Drilling Report Project.
The objectives of the project was:

  • To make updates to the DDR XML schema (DDRML) version 1.0 according to feedback from the users
  • Implement a standardized solution for distribution of daily drilling reports to license partners
  • Come up with suggestions to PSA regarding improvements to their DDR user guide and the error messages they return to the users when a report does not validate correctly in their system


  • The project started September 2008
  • The updated DDR XML schema were approved by the project group June 4th 2009
  • The Cut of date for reporting to PSA according to the new formats and the start up date for DDR in LicenseWeb is set to October 1st 2009


All project documentation have been stored in a document repository


  1. Updated XML schema for Daily Drilling Report as described in this document
  2. Layout and transformation rules for generation of a standard html report from the content of a DDR XML file
  3. Solution and structure for using LicenseWeb for exchange of Daily Drilling Reports between operators and license partners.
  4. Input to the DDR user guide published by - borerapportering/WITSML_drillReport_profiled_schema_for_usermanual.xml PSA (NB: Only readable with MS Internet Explorer
  5. Input to improvements of the error messages from the validation at PSA. The improvements will be implemented by PSA October 1st.


The project has been a joint initiative, involving oil companies, vendors, research institutions and standardization associations. The following is a list of all parties invited to all project meetings:

The following are the parties contracted by EPIM for doing the planned work in the project:

  • Tieto
    • Implementation in LicenseWeb
  • CapGemini
    • Updates to the XML schema
    • Creation of transformation rules and standard html report layout
  • DNV
    • Project management
    • Updates to the PCA/ISO15926 reference data