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The POSC Caesar Trac

POSC Caesar Association (PCA) is a global, nonprofit member organization that shall promote the development of open specifications to be used as standards for enabling the interoperability of data, software and related matters.

PCA initiated ISO 15926 “Integration of life-cycle data for process plants including oil and gas production facilities" and is committed to its maintenance and enhancement.

This website is set up to be an arena for collaboration on projects and matters concerning the development of interoperability standards and other related businesses. To join this collaborative effort please ask for an account on the PCA Trac to one of the contact points listed below.

POSC Caesar Special Interest Groups (SIG)

This Trac system was initially set up to serve the PCA Special Interest Groups (SIG). The SIGs will maintain and develop domain-specific areas of the POSC Caesar Reference Data Library. There is also a SIG Technical Advisory Board.


Trac combines a Wiki for collaborative authoring with a version-controlled document repository. It is a Subversion store, providing version control of files -- which is essential for avoiding clutter and confusion. Good practice is to never write a file version number in a file name!

To read from or contribute to the repository, you need to be a registered user. You also need to install a Subversion client; for Windows users, we recommend TortoiseSVN. The repository address is (also available via https, use See RepositoryTortoiseSVN for step by step tutorials on how to access the repository.

Contact points

About PCA
Reference Data Services