POSC Caesar Association Special Interest Groups (SIG)

For assuring high quality of the reference data, POSC Caesar (PCA) has established Special Interest Groups (SIG) for some business domains in the upstream sector of Oil and Gas industry and for descipline areas in Process Plants. The SIGs are accountable for their domains. PCA’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB) is accountable for the consistency and quality of the reference data across domains. The SIGs have a mandate. The SIG's will maintain and develop domain-specific areas of the POSC Caesar Reference Data Library.

A 3 step quality process has been defined by PCA:

  • Submission of terminology from research or industry projects
  • Work-In-Progress (WIP)
  • ISO standard

The iRING, EqHub and IOHN projects are examples of projects delivering terminologies of high quality. To obtain status as an ISO standard (become a Part of ISO 15926) for ontology in one or more domains, an ISO standardization process has be carried out. Part 3 and 4 are examples of existing ontology parts in ISO 15926.

A list of POSC Caesar SIGs is presented below, and information about each of the SIGs can be found at their separate wiki pages.

See TAB Page framework for coordination of SIG activities.

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