PCA Modelling, Methods and Technology, November 1st 2012

Time and place

25.10.2012 postponed to 01.11.2012, 8.30PM - 9.30PM (CEST)
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Next meeting: 29.11.2012, 7.30AM - 8.30AM (CST)


Gabriel Lopez, Hamazaki Geiza, Hilbert Pretorius, Keith Willshaw, Lillian Hella, Manoj Dharwadkar, Onno Paap, Victor Agroskin, Faith Junghans and Kari Anne Haaland Thorsen(MoM)


  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Approval of MoM from last meeting
  3. MMT core group voting - reminder/status
  4. New MMT chair
  5. A.O.B.

Minutes of Meeting

1. Approval of agenda


2. Approval of MoM from last meeting


3. MMT core group voting - reminder/status

Kari Anne informed the group about the ongoing MMT Core Group voting on issues related to namespaces. Status 1st of November 7:45PM (CET)

  • Do namespaces need to be divided up in many groups? - 5 votes
  • Do we need to split up Entity types in dm and rdl? - 3 votes
  • Does a namespace need to carry ISO part information? - 4 votes
  • Does a namespace need to be short? - 5 votes
  • Does a namespace need to contain version information? - 6 votes

Deadline for voting: 20th of November 2012

This is the first vote in the MMT core group, and may be considered as a test of the new system. If this works out as planned, we will continue with the same process for other issues as well.

  • Start a discussion on 15926.org
  • When mature for voting, the subject will be wrapped up and presented to the MMT core as a poll.

4. New MMT chair
From New Year Lillian Hella will take over a chair of the MMT SIG. The main reason for this is that Kari Anne is leaving PCA, and will start working for EPIM.

5. A.O.B.
Hans has now finalized the part7 template specifications. The list is available from: http://15926.org/15926_template_specs.php (From 15926.org: go to Online tools and then Template Specifications List. Comment from Victor: what will happen with the original list from part 8? We need to preserve the old (original) templates. General agreement in the group, but one problem pointed out by Keith. How to handle the fact that some of the initial templates have been changes do to the fact that they were incorrect?

Lillian informed about the PCA sandboxes where different communities (and persons) can add their own reference data. More information about the sandboxes can be found at the RDS page. See the draft of the current Sandbox Service Description for details. Sandboxes are currently placed under http://jord-dev.org/sandbox/.

Manoj informed about the ongoing discussions in the geometry SIG. They would like to present their result to a larger audience, including the MMT SIG. The result will be posted on the PCA wiki page. Kari Anne and Lillian to discuss with Manoj on who we can reach as large and relevant audience as possible.

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