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    77=== Attendees === 
     8Darius Kanga, Devesh Sachar, Keith Willshaw, Onno Paap, Geiza Hamazaki, Kari Anne Haaland Thorsen, Hans Teijgeler, Victor Agroskin, Gabriel Lopes and Lillian Hella (MoM) 
    1010=== Agenda: === 
    1212 1. Approval of MoM from last meeting 
    1313 1. Creating proposal 
    14  1. How to organise hearing? 
     14 1. How to organize hearing? 
    1515  1. Send email? Upload on webpage? Who should be notified? 
    1616  1. How to collect feedback using ISO comment form? 
    2020  1. Ownership and licensing 
    2121 1. A.O.B. 
     23=== Minutes of Meeting === 
     24'''1. Approval of agenda''' [[br]] 
     27'''2. Approval of MoM from last meeting'''[[BR]]  
     30'''3. Creating proposal'''[[BR]]  
     31The proposal should have a technical specification and definitions in the supporting documentation. Information for the first proposal can be found in the forum, but needs to have references to relevant material so that people that have not been active in the MMT meetings will know what to review. A thread about the owl representation will be published in the forum that summarizes the result of discussion on email. 
     33'''4. How to organize hearing '''[[BR]]  
     34The hearing will be public to reach as many as possible. A notification will be made available on the MMT web pages and on the forum to those that are classified as modellers. A notification will also be sent to everyone that is on the MMT list. Lillian will inform the TAB about the review. 
     36The first proposal (ref the four chosen templates from the [ September meeting]) will be made available as a new topic in the forum with references to the relevant information for the review. We will have a 14 days review period to collect comments. We will use the simplified ISO form to select comments. The comments should be entered into a comment form on the web. The forum has voting possibilities, but this will be not used until later in the process. 
     38'''5. Discussing the goal of the review process '''[[BR]]  
     39The users are mainly projects, e.g. DEXPI, that will use and not build their own new templates. 
     40Approved templates should have a permanent namespace. Namespaces will be discussed at the next TAB meeting and we hope to have a resolution soon.  
     41Endpoint address is not a permanent decision, but it would be advantageous that it does not change. Lillian will investigate how PCA will handle SIG approved content.  
     43'''6. A.O.B'''[[BR]]  
     44No items proposed. 
     46=== Action Items === 
     47''' Action 13.15 '''  Post new topic in forum for OWL representation (Onno) [[BR]] 
     48''' Action 13.16 '''  Post template proposal for review in forum (Hans) [[BR]] 
     49''' Action 13.17 '''  Make proposal available for public (Lillian) [[BR]] 
     50''' Action 13.18 '''  Template content in PCA (Lillian) [[BR]] 
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