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    2828'''3. Members of MMT Core'''[[BR]]  
     29The criteria for membership in the MMT Core is participation. Those who did not respond to the request to continue to be part of MMT Core will be removed from the MMT Core group. There will be no changes to the members now, but this is possible to review after next batch of templates. We will try to encourge more participation from the Core group for future reviews.  
    2931'''4. Members of MMT Group'''[[BR]]  
     32The MMT Group is rather large, and many are not participating in the meetings. Emails will be sent out to those that have not participated recently, and one has to comfirm to be a part of the list in the future. 
    3034'''5. Template Review Results'''[[BR]]  
     35The templates from the first batch are considered as approved with one change. The reason for change is documented in the discussion about the proposal: [] 
     36x3 has been changed from to !ClassOfIndividual to !ClassOfInformationObject in the template !DescriptionOfIndividualWithClassifiedSign. The template has been updated accordingly: 
     39Even though we would wish for more responses, we will approve the first batch of templates. Lillian will publish results. Comments for changes and improvements are welcome. 
    3141'''6. Agree on a new set of templates for approval'''[[BR]]  
     42The next batch will focus on: 
     43 1. continue with templates for description of individuals and extend with class of whole life individuals and temporal parts (which are similiar to the approved descritiption of individual templates from first batch) 
     44 1. identification templates 
     46We should also prepare for review of indirect property templates. This will be a rather large group of templates, but will give value. 
    3248'''7. Online checklist for use in review'''[[BR]]  
     49Alternatives for !GoogleForms (not available in all companies) have been considered. Onno will test and choose software that will be integrated with the forum. We aim to have it ready for the review of next batch of templates. 
    3351'''8. A.O.B'''[[BR]]  
     52No items. 
    3754=== Action Items === 
    38 ''' Action 14.01 '''    (Onno) [[BR]] 
    39 ''' Action 14.02 '''    (Hans) [[BR]] 
    40 ''' Action 14.03 '''    (Lillian) [[BR]] 
     55''' Action 14.01 ''' Complete online checklist so that it can be used for next review (Onno) [[BR]] 
     56''' Action 14.02 ''' Send templates for next batch for review to Lillian for further coordination  (Hans) [[BR]] 
     57''' Action 14.03 ''' Contact those on the invite list that have not been active and ask for confirmation for continuance (Lillian) [[BR]] 
     58''' Action 14.04 ''' Publish the approved templates (Lillian) [[BR]] 
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