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Hi Darius,

We had decided on a task to update the iRING sandbox with latest base templates. I have some questions about it. Please help me find answes.

1. Where are the current templates hosted? (end point address)
[Darius] We currently have templates loaded at

2. How are they hosted? Owl file exposed on webserver or triple store?
[Darius] Currently in a triple store.

3. Are there separate endpoints for initial set and ones created by us (iring modelers) ?
[Darius] Both are in the same endpoint, but of course the RDF can be loaded anywhere. We are using the namespace for template and role IDs for proto and initial set templates as well as for templates defined by us. As we discussed a couple of weeks ago, Part 8 has a p7tpl namespace for SC4 IDs for proto and base templates, but I don’t think this means that we have to have a separate proto/base template namespace for the “R#” IDs. I think it’s better to keep the IDs “dumb” and use classification to group the proto-templates, initial set templates, and whatever else we want.

4. How the ids should be generated for new templates?
[Darius] We use the ids-adi ID generator service. The iRINGTools spreadsheet loader and ref data editor both call the service. We may build an ID generator in iRINGTools later.

5. Whom should I coordinate with on moving this forward?
[Darius] This is a good start! We can look at writing a utility to read the proto and initial OWL files and generate R# IDs, or just paste them into a spreadsheet and run the loader since there is a fairly small number.

Thanks, rahul

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