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Base Template EnumeratedSetOf2Classes

EnumeratedSetOf2Classes is a template for collecting two classes into a third.

EnumeratedSetOf2Classes(a, b, c) means that a, b, and c are classes, and that a has precisely
b and c as members.

1 hasClassified1 Class
2 hasClassified2 Class
3 hasEnumeratedSetOfClass EnumeratedSetOfClass


EnumeratedSetOf2Classes(x1, x2, x3) <-> 
Class(x1) & 
Class(x2) & 
EnumeratedSetOfClass(x3) & 
ClassificationTemplate(x1, x3) & 
ClassificationTemplate(x2, x3) & 
ClassificationTemplate(x3, SetOf2Classes) . 

NOTE The order in which the first two arguments is given is insignificant. The numbering in role names (“Classified 1”, “Classified 2”) is only applied in order to distinguish the roles from each other.

NOTE See 8.2.1 for further information on the representation used in this template.

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