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Template ClassOfPropertyRestrictionOfClass

This template is for stating that a member of a specific Class of Individuals may only be assigned a Property that is contained by a specific set of properties.

ClassOfPropertyRestrictionOfClass(a, b, c) means that a is a PropertySpace, b is a ClassOfArrangedIndividual to which the relation applies, c is a subclass of a that contains those Properties that can be assigned to members of b.

1 hasPropertySpace PropertySpace
2 hasPossessorClass ClassOfArrangedIndividual
3 hasPropertySpaceRestriction PropertySpace


ClassOfPropertyRestrictionOfClass(x1, x2, x3) <-> 
PropertySpace(x1) & 
ClassOfArrangedIndividual(x2) & 
PropertySpace (x3) &  
ClassificationTemplate(x2, x3) &
SpecializationTemplate(x3, x1) )) .

EXAMPLE The statement ClassOfPropertyRestrictionOfClass (LENGTH, ELBOW TYPE XYZ, ABC SET OF LENGTHS)

Analysis diagram

NOTE: The relationship for the Scale between the domain and codomain must already exist in the RDL. It is not in scope of the template.


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