Aligning the Template Approaches

At present there exist three different approces to templates (JORD, the Gellish patterns and the Teijgeler templates list), and there is a need to align these three approaches.
In the MMT meeting on March 8th. 2012 it was agreed to set up a working group to work on this.
The result of this work will be presented to the MMT for validation.

Members of the working group:

  • Ian Glendinning
  • Hans Teijgeler

If anyone else would like to participate in the work they can contact Ian, Hans and Kari Anne. BUT – we will in general keep the group small.

Related documents

  • XL-sheet including all the three different approaches (JORD, the Gellish patterns and the Teijgeler templates list).
    The document is available from the JORD wiki: in the zip-folder named: JORD Industrial Usage & Mapping Methodology
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