FIATECH PCA Instrument and Control, October 18th 2016

Time and place

18.10.2016, 3.00PM - 4.00PM (CET)
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Next meeting: November 1st 2016, 3.00-4.00PM CET


Nils Sandsmark, Bjørn Berli, Hindrik Koning, Darijus Strasunskas (MoM)


  1. Approval of agenda.
  2. Approval of MoM.
  3. Status of DEXPI incl. model for instrumentation.
  4. Status of STI.
  5. Top classes of instruments.
  6. CDD and Hierarchy in PCA RDL
  7. Coordination between STI, ISDD, and possibly DEXPI, CFIHOS
  8. Agenda for the next meeting.
  9. Review of Actions
  10. A.O.B. - Seattle meeting

Minutes of Meeting

  1. Approval of agenda.
    Approved. A briefing on Seattle meeting is added under AOB.
  1. Approval of MoM.
  1. Status of DEXPI incl. model for instrumentation.
    DEXPI meeting at Frankfurt. Major topics covered there:
    • CAE implementation progress
    • Beta testing
    • Finishing the EQP model and
    • Cooperation with OPC UA

  1. Status of STI.
    WG 1 Instruments and WG 2 electro are progressing with their work. No new information released.
  1. Top classes of instruments.
    Discussed in the Seattle meeting. The proposal has been accepted to be used to upgrade Part 4. Documentation needs to be improved. PCA drafts proposal for the ad-hoc group approval.
  1. CDD and Hierarchy in PCA RDL
    David Leal made first cut on CDD data model and Part 2. Presentation will be available as a part of MoM from Seattle meeting.
  1. Coordination between STI, ISDD, and possibly DEXPI, CFIHOS
    ISDD have completed a proof of concept using:
    • API 610 Horizontal and Centrifugal pump
    • ISA Control Valve Data Sheet Form S20.50.xlt
    • API 660 Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger
  1. Agenda for the next meeting.
     1. Approval of agenda[[BR]] 
     2. Approval of MoM[[BR]] 
     3. Status of DEXPI incl. model for instrumentation[[BR]] 
     4. Status of STI[[BR]] 
     5. Top classes of instruments[[BR]] 
     6. CDD and ISO 15926 [[BR]] 
     7. Coordination between STI, ISDD, and possibly DEXPI, CFIHOS [[BR]] 
     8. Agenda for the next meeting[[BR]] 
     9. Review of Actions[[BR]] 
     10. A.O.B. - Seattle meeting [[BR]] 
  1. Review of Actions

15.07 Open
16.07 Open, revised.
16.12 Open
16.13 Open. Properties will be assign.
16.14 Open. Perhaps Alan Johnston can be asked to replace Ray this. Nils to investigate this!
16.15 Closed.

  1. A.O.B. - Seattle meeting
    Change Request procedure is functioning, CR0001 has been started (normal procedure). Official voters are appointed.
    Continuing work on a common reference data for SC4.
    Productive meeting.

Increase participation in the SIG. The best way to assure that is to get relevant project to collaborate together and coordinate results from different projects.

Action items

15.07 Quality assurance of new reference data items for instrumentation for including them in the PCA RDL.
16.07 Darijus to upload IEC and ISA datasheet mappings.
16.12 Hindrik to find out the IPR of property list.
16.13 Update DEXPI instrumentation document with IEC properties. Heiner
16.14 Coordinate development of properties among STI, ISDD, ISO-IEC projects (Bjørn, Ray to draft initial proposal on this). Update: Nils to clarify if Alan could replace Ray.
16.15 Update on ISO-IEC collaboration on CDD (Nils)

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