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SIG Development and Modifications - Work Procedures

An addition to the RDS/WIP is called a Change Request (CR).

The CR procedure is like the procedure for the PCA SIGs, with the difference that the SIGs under the Development and Modification group comprises more organizations than PCA.

Link to: PCA work procedure for CRs

Getting started


The above documents give explanation of the info that needs to be given when making a Change Request. The import format is a spreadsheet with fixed columns.

The Word file also explains what to look for, in creating reference data.

Important Note: These documents are written for a modeling target group. Domain Matter Experts (Engineers) should not be handling the RDS editor as described, but stay in the domain of spreadsheets.


The above folders can be used to download spreadsheets that have already been entered into the RDS/WIP. They can serve as an example.


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