Requirements Table

A table listing some coarse-grained requirements of the RDS/WIP systems, both 1.0 and 2.0. Human procedures and the organization to support them are more important than the system itself, but only only requirements relating directly to the technical execution are shown here.


Numbers are used for urgency and letters for importance. 1 is most urgent - its for requirements that need to be delivered as soon as possible. A is most important - its for requirements that meet external obligations.

The order in the table represents the likely sequence of implementation - because of dependencies (which aren't shown), the order may not match the urgency/importance.


1B1.0Reasonable performance for SPARQL endpoints
2A1.0Map domains to endpoints
4B1.0Improve standard of OWL/RDF representation
3C1.0Target browser-based viewing of content to non-modellers
4B1.0Provide path for uploads from brutus
5A2.0Bulk upload of external contributions
5B2.0Administration tools for external contributions
5A2.0Discrete Editing Support
6C?.?CSV Upload Support
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