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Reference Data Services

This page contains links to various tools and information resources for finding, using and defining Reference data classes and relationships according to the ISO 15926 standard "Industrial automation systems and integration—Integration of life-cycle data for process plants including oil and gas production facilities".

ISO 15926 Reference Data

POSC Caesar Reference Data Library (PCA RDL)

WIP Browser-Editor
Reference Data Work In Progress (WIP) for Engineering Users

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A screenshot of the ISO 15926 POSC Caesar RDS

ISO 15926 POSC Caesar RDS
This is the master Reference Data Editor of the PCA RDL. A read-only guest login is available to the public for browsing the library. It is a thin client requiring Java Runtime Environment 1.4 or more.
File downloads
The PCA RDL is available for download in different formats:

To find additional information and other resources: [RdsOtherResources ]

RDS Operations Support

The purpose of the RDS Operational Support is to ensure high quality and timely handling of requests made to/about/ the RDS (Reference Data Services) System and RDL (Reference Data Library) Content for identified customers.

The services offered will enable identified users, based on a common platform, to initiate Service Requests for System Failure/ Technical Problems/Access, to use the RDS Tools/Applications provided or to submit Service Requests to the RDL Library content management process

The RDL Content procedure is managed by the maintenance procedure This procedure describes the criteria and activities required to be performed by the various PCA Special Interest Groups (SIG), in order to add, modify and delete Reference. Contact: Magne Valen-Sendstad

RdSCreateNewTicket?Describes how to access the RDS Operations Support and Create a new ticket.


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