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PCA provides services for Reference Data according to the ISO 15926 standard "Industrial automation systems and integration—Integration of life-cycle data for process plants including oil and gas production facilities". Access to the PCA Reference Data Library (RDL) is provided under the terms of the PCA Articles of Association, namely "Reference Data Libraries shall be open, i.e. they can be used by everyone for their own purpose, on equal terms." Even though there are many contributors of content sets published through PCA, it is PCA that (1) integrates and manages contents, (2) owns the library, the service and its content.

Service Requests for RDS System Support and/or RDL Content Support are provided for registered users.

PCA RDL (Reference Data Library) Content Access


For information about the status, current and planned tasks see the Information page here.

PCA RDL Endpoint

The entrance to the PCA RDL is through our endpoint. The reference data library is a proprietary product of PCA and all intellectual property rights vests in PCA.

A Part 12 representation of the PCA RDL Core is available in the staging endpoint:

File-Downloads of PCA RDL Content

Currently we are using Gitlab for managing the RDL. See repository for the OWL files available.

Files for the PCA RDL Core represented using Part 12 is available here.

RDS Operations Support

Registered users of the PCA Reference Data Services are also provided with operational support. These services are explained and accessed from RDS Operations Support Home.The purpose of these services is to ensure high quality and timely handling of requests made to or about the RDS (Reference Data Services) System and RDL (Reference Data Library) Content. Support arrangements are defined according to ITIL® and the ISO 20000 Standard.

Existing Support Users should create support ticket requests directly here (separate log-in required.) or send an email to rdssupport@…. Registered Users who do not also have PCA Membership (or other project membership with specific Service Levels included) will receive a reduced operational support service.

The PCA Operations Support Service operates the process of handling RDL Content Change Requests and clarifications in support of the RDL Maintenance Procedure, but does not operate the full content maintenance process. Where such Change Requests include proposed new RDL Content please submit / attach using the Batch Upload Spreadsheet format. For explanation and a template of the spreadsheet format used to batch import reference data items, refer to the RDS Spreadsheet Batch Upload.

Where users require guidance on how to relate or map their business data using ISO 15926 Reference Data, please see joint PCA / FIATECH JORD Mapping Methodology (via the JORD project pages).


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