The PCA RDL Endpoints

At the moment, we are providing two endpoints for PCA RDL. You can browser PCA RDL and also pose queries against it. These endpoints are under active maintenance.

PCA RDL Endpoint - Production

The entrance to the PCA RDL is through our endpoint. You can search our entire library, or run structured queries (SPARQL) against the content. If you don't know where to start, search for PUMP.

PCA RDL Endpoint - Staging

This endpoint provides access to PCA RDL core classes. The RDL core has been migrated from ISO 15926-2 to ISO 15926-12 (OWL 2 native).

ISO 15926-12 Endpoint

Other Endpoints hosted by PCA

Integrated Lifecycle Asset Planning Endpoint
Logistics Hub Endpoint
NPD Factpages Endpoint
Brønnøysund Register Endpoint

These endpoints are maintained by PCA Services

The old (deprecated) PCA RDL

Human readable endpoint.

Machine readable endpoint (SPARQL 1.1)

The PCA RDL Endpoint has two graphs; one for the PCA RDL triples from the OWL file below, and one graph with a map between RDS WIP classes and PCA RDL classes. The mapping file is available here.

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