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JORD Phase 1 Execution - Project Deliverables

(1) Compliance Validation

Consolidate and deliver compliance and usage methods – comprising:

  • A compliance specification with checklist defining all levels and aspects of compliance.
  • A characterization and mapping methodology guideline describing how to create compliant representations of business information in terms of existing and new reference data.
  • Core RDL reference data content enhancements necessary to support the above.
  • A compliance validation procedure defining the process by which requests for compliance validation are submitted to, and the level of compliance validated and certified by, the RDS operation.

(2) Publishing Services

Fix mixed-technology RDL content management and publishing implementations – comprising:

  • Creation of new endpoint triple-store, consolidation of new ID Generator and establishing URI / Namespace conventions supported.
  • Enhancements to processes by which existing RDS Tools publish to compliant endpoint as well as deliver established browser/editor, database and spreadsheet formats.
  • Creation of specification and ITB (Invitation to Bid) for software and content migration necessary for future scalable and performant upgrade of the overall management and publishing platform.

(3) Training Resources

“How to” resources to enable uptake and use of ISO15926 RDS – comprising:

  • Indexing and consolidation of existing training materials.
  • Identifying and creating new training materials based on gap-analysis of the above.
  • Establishing resources and procedures to deliver “train the trainer” training based on the above.

(4) Minimum Operational Service Enhancements

  • Minimum necessary enhancements to procedures, organization and SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) by which the RDS operation markets and delivers the enhanced service capabilities above.
  • Delivery of defined pre-paid services to those members funding the enhancement project through sponsorship and supplementary subscriptions.
  • (Note that more comprehensive market research, marketing and business-case uptake support, pricing, sales, and additional development of organization and operational resources are in scope, but beyond these priority-one deliverables. These will be further itemized.)
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