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Exhibit 1 - Project Deliverables

(1) Compliance Validation – Consolidate and deliver compliance and usage methods – comprising: • A compliance specification with checklist defining all levels and aspects of compliance. • A characterization and mapping methodology guideline describing how to create compliant representations of business information in terms of existing and new reference data. • Core RDL reference data content enhancements necessary to support the above. • A compliance validation procedure defining the process by which requests for compliance validation are submitted to, and the level of compliance validated and certified by, the RDS operation.

(2) Publishing Services - Fix mixed-technology RDL content management and publishing implementations – comprising: • Creation of new endpoint triple-store, consolidation of new ID Generator and establishing URI / Namespace conventions supported. • Enhancements to processes by which existing RDS Tools publish to compliant endpoint as well as deliver established browser/editor, database and spreadsheet formats. • Creation of specification and ITB (Invitation to Bid) for software and content migration necessary for future scalable and performant upgrade of the overall management and publishing platform.

(3) Training Resources - “How to” resources to enable uptake and use of ISO15926 RDS – comprising: • Indexing and consolidation of existing training materials. • Identifying and creating new training materials based on gap-analysis of the above. • Establishing resources and procedures to deliver “train the trainer” training based on the above.

(4) Minimum Operational Service Enhancements • Minimum necessary enhancements to procedures, organization and SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) by which the RDS operation markets and delivers the enhanced service capabilities above. • Delivery of defined pre-paid services to those members funding the enhancement project through sponsorship and supplementary subscriptions (Refer Exhibit 2). • (Note that more comprehensive market research, marketing and business-case support, pricing, sales, and additional development of organization and operational resources are in scope, but beyond these priority-one deliverables. These will be further itemized.)

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