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ISO 15926 Primer - Other Resources

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  1. RDS/WIP (Reference Data System / Working, In Progress)
  2. RDS/WIP Browser - rdlfaçade
  3. Camelot Download Page
  4. Something Else

RDS/WIP (Reference Data System / Working, In Progress)

The RDS/WIP is several things:

  • a library of reference data for ISO 15926
  • a means of publishing core ISO 15926 definitions
  • a platform for developing new ISO 15926 definitions
  • a workspace for harmonizing other standards with ISO 15926 (or each other)

The RDS/WIP is a large triple store in the form of Subject-Predicate-Object. It uses semantic web technology (see: OWL, RDF and SPARQL) over top of a conventional web technology such as HTTP to provide machine-oriented access to the stored definitions. A conventional HTML presentation is used to provide a human-oriented interface to the same system.

Anyone can search the RDS/WIP and find terms, much like in a dictionary. Accredited users can add information to the RDS/WIP.

For more information, see

RDS/WIP Browser - rdlfaçade

There are a number of browsers for the RDS/WIP. One such, available to the public, is:

For information on how to use this:

Camelot Download Page


Something Else



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