iRINGTools Interfacing Project (IIP)


With the pace of business increasing, we need to be able to exchange information without having to do so much preparation. To do this we will have to use the parts of ISO 15926 that capture the semantics, or meaning of the data. The iRING user group is developing tools, available free of charge with an open source license, to implement ISO 15926 parts 7, 8, and 9. The tools will more-or-less clip on to the side of commercial software to allow information exchange between any similarly equipped software.


iRING was developed with four purposes in mind:

  • To prove that information exchange using the full specification of ISO 15926 is possible.
  • To develop the software interface tools using the full specification of ISO 15926 and make the tool kits available to anyone under an open source license.
  • To develop best practices and make them available to those who use the tools.
  • To encourage software vendors to collaborate and support iRING interfaces within their product offerings.

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