Development and Harmonization of ISO 15926 Standards


Harmonization between:

  • HI 50.7-2010 for Electronic Data Exchange for Pumping Equipment
  • Fiatech’s Automated Equipment Exchange (AEX)
  • ISO 15926

EELCAT, AEX, Hydraulic Institute

Many information standards exist today for various niches in heavy industry. Two such standards have recently been harmonized with ISO 15926.

Under the guidance of FIATECH’s Engineered Equipment Life Cycle Application Tools project (EELCAT), what is known as the AEX XML schema (developed by another FIATECH project, Automated Equipment Information Exchange) and the Hydraulic Institute’s Standard HI 50.7-2010 for Electronic Data Exchange for Pumping Equipment have been brought together.

HI 50.7 is a dictionary of data fields from many well-known standards along with the AEX schema. The EELCAT project has recently examined the two standards and has demonstrated how they can be further harmonized with ISO 15926.

See Also

Geometry SIG

Developing a reference library of 3D geometry

Geometry SIG

The Geometry Special Interest Group (Geometry SIG) of FIATECH and PCA is developing a reference library for the geometrical shapes used in 3D modeling software.

Current tools for exchanging graphics strip out all of the meaning. (This means we can exchange the surfaces of plant objects but not their identity.)

The geometrical reference library will be issued as ISO 15926 Part 3, which will allow us to exchange graphics as easily as we exchange other data.

Instrument SIG

Developing ISO 15926 templates for industrial instrumentation

Instrumentation SIG

The Instrument Special Interest Group (Instrument SIG) of Fiatech and PCA is developing a reference library for industrial instruments.

A major difference between instrumentation manufacturers and all other players in the design of capital projects is the level of detail required. Users of equipment (i.e., engineers, constructors, owners) are only interested in a few attributes such as capacity, overall envelope dimensions, connection details, overall weight, and some of the materials of construction. In contrast, the manufacturers of that same instrument need complete product data for each subcomponent. They need to track the part number of each piece and all of the information required to manufacture it.

The Instrument SIG is developing ISO 15926 templates for industrial instrumentation that address everyone’s needs.



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