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We Need to Focus on Business Processes

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  1. Abstract
  2. Business Processes
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The barrier to interoperability between software applications is not technology. The barrier is business processes.

Business Processes

Up till now we have been focusing on technology.

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Fig 1 - Problem Space

We have lots of technology

  • Excel
  • Oracle and SQL Server Databases
  • Java
  • ...
  • Commercial Mapping Software

What is the Problem?

It is:

  • The costs of setup and configuration
  • Repeating costs for setup and configuration
  • The cost of interpretation (information ambiguity)
  • Exposed complexity
  • The new global, distributed work execution model amplifies the problem
  • Aging Workforce

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Fig 2 - A New Approach

We need to focus on Information Modeling.

The sun will shine brighter, and God will smile on us.

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  • Senior management has to agree to this
  • IT folks from the business partners need to get together


There are a number of issues associated with the need for interoperability, or with current attempts at interoperability. This section shows how ISO 15926 will help.

How ISO 15926 Will Make Your Life Easier


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