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Business Processes

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  1. Abstract
  2. Business Processes
  3. Doing it the ISO 15926 Way
  4. A Metaphor: We Need a Babel Fish
  5. Next


[Enter abstract]

Business Processes

Up till now we have been focusing on technology

[TO DO: Robin Benjamin's slide "The Problem Space"]

Fig X - Problem Space

We have lots of technology

Excel Oracle Databases Java Other stuff

We need to focus on our Business Processes

[TO DO: Robin Benjamin's slide "A New Approach"]

Fig Y - A New Approach

Doing it the ISO 15926 Way

[TO DO: diagrams on Babel Fish]

[To DO: information exchange diagram with yellow dots, representing facades]

A Metaphor: We Need a Babel Fish

Remember our earlier metaphor about how ISO 15926 acts like a Babel Fish?

* ISO 15926 is like a Babel fish

We need a Babel fish to translate from one company's data sheets to those of another.

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Figure 5: Everyone Needs a Babel fish

Fortunately, ISO 15926 acts very much like a Babel fish.

  • Each company creates what is known as a facade and makes it publicly available on the Internet.
  • Each company maps its own database (or at any rate, those portions of its database that it wishes to publish) to the ISO 15926 standard.
  • Each company creates an application which can access the facades of its business partners.

After that, the only question you have to ask of a supplier (or engineer, or constructor) is "What is the URL of your facade?"

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Figure 6: The Same Project Using ISO 15926 Facades

Using ISO 15926 Facades, these same 18 players would only need 18 facades, one each. But the best thing is that they would not have to create a new set of connections with each project. They would only have to do it once, ever. The colored lines, from each company to its facade, is all most organizations would have to do. The black lines between facades represent functions built into commercial software.


How ISO makes life easier

Benefits of ISO 15926


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