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ISO 15926 Benefits for Software Vendors and Service Providers

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  1. Abstract
  2. Access to Data Trivial
  3. Market for Niche Applications
  4. Easier Software Interoperation


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Access to Data Trivial

When calculations for plant operations require detailed knowledge of existing plant equipment or plant operations history, a major barrier is data input. When there is no standard for accessing information, or for storing it, software developers will have to spend considerable resources developing a means to do so. As well, customers will have to spend considerable resources providing the information in a manner that the software can handle.

All this means that the threshold for this kind of software is quite high.

But if an Owner/Operator exposed its plant configuration with an ISO 15926 façade, pulling information into the software would be trivial.


Market for Niche Applications



Easier Software Interoperation

The software industry is as open to acquisition and consolidation as any other industry. When two software organizations consider joining forces, a major consideration is the effort required to make their respective offerings interoperable.

But if all plant software is ISO 15926-compliant, interoperability becomes a non-issue.


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