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JORD Project

JORD (Joint Operational Reference Data) is a joint initiative of PCA & FIATECH which aims ...

... to create a stable, scalable and commercially-viable operation
... of the ISO15926 reference data system and associated services

PCA and FIATECH invite members and non-members ...

... anyone who recognizes that their adoption of ISO15926 depends on shared reference data,
... to support this joint initiative to enhance operational reference data services

With acknowledgements to committed JORD participants contributing funding and direction to the project:

  • Full sponsors : EPIM, RosEnergoAtom, Black & Veatch, CCC, Hatch and VNIIAES
  • Supplementary subscribers : Woodside, Dow, Bechtel and Emerson

Additional funding is needed to achieve the aims of Phase2 before the self-sustaining operation of Phase3 can be realised. For additional project participation information contact:

  • Nils Sandsmark – PCA General Manager - nils.sandsmark@… /
  • Ray Topping – FIATECH Director - topping@… /
  • Ian Glendinning – Project Manager – ian@… /


  • 5th Dec 2012 - JORD Phase 2 Plan sufficiently resourced and scheduled to release 2013 activities.
  • 29th Nov 2012 - The RDS V2 Endpoint is made the (pre-production) PCA-supported version.
  • 26th Oct 2012 - iRING branding announced for all joint 15926 / RDS work (including JORD).
  • 12th Oct 2012 - Spreadsheet version of Checklist v8 from JORD Compliance Specification.
  • 2nd Oct 2012 - JORD Mapping Methodology v2 (Phase 1 Final Update) published.
  • 28th Jul 2012 - JORD Compliance Specification published.
  • 27th Jul 2012 - Interim JORD RDS Endpoint V2 goes live with Sandbox hosting and update capability.
  • 3rd Jul 2012 - Execution Phase 2 kick-off - Scalable Platform and Organisation.
  • 3rd Jun 2012 - Consolidated Deliverables Scope and Milestones published for Phase 2.
  • 7th Mar 2012 - JORD ID Specification (v4) published.
  • 18th Jan 2012 - JORD Industrial Usage & Mapping Methodology published.
  • 18th Jan 2012 - JORD Endpoint Documentation published.
  • 10th Jan 2012 - JORD-2012-Update published with Key Business Needs FAQ.
  • 2nd Jan 2012 - Internal release of first version of the JORD Mapping Methodology.
  • 2nd Oct 2011 - Terms established for new non-Charter Member participation, and JORD-2011-Flyer published.
  • 15th Sept 2011 - First version of the JORD RDS End-Point goes live for evaluation.
  • 1st Sep 2011 - Deadline for JORD Charter Member funding commitment. Committed Charter Members are full sponsors - BP, EPIM, RosEnergoAtom, Black & Veatch, CCC, Hatch and VNIIAES and supplementary subscribers - Woodside and Bechtel.
  • 6th Jul 2011 - Second Management Review and monthly thereafter (On-Line).
  • 9th Jun 2011 - First interested parties Management Review of early deliverables (Oslo).
  • 4th May 2011 - Execution Phase 1 Kick-Off with all parties expressing interest (London).
    • (Over 20 companies expressing interest, including 6 Owner-Operators and 9 Contractors.)
  • 24th Feb 2011 - PCA & FIATECH board-level agreement to proceed with project execution (Houston).
  • Dec 2010 - Prospectus issued to all members and posted publicly.
  • Aug 2010 - Phase F completed.
  • Feb 2010 - Phase F (front-end planning and business model deliverables) started.
  • Feb 2010 - Joint PCA & FIATECH public announcement of the JORD Project.
  • Sep 2009 - Collaborative initiative by PCA & FIATECH to define a joint project.
  • Jun 2009 - Individual PCA and FIATECH initiatives to address the challenge
    of enhanced reference data service demands.


Agreed priority deliverables for Phase 1 Execution were listed here: Phase1Deliverables

2010 deliverables from Phase F included the JORD Prospectus and JORD Business Definition for the execution phase starting in 2011. For the invitation for funding of JORD project execution refer to the on-line copy of the orginal 2010 JORD Invitation & JORD Prospectus.


Funding for Phase F (Front-End Definition) was provided equally ...

  • 50% by all PCA Members subscriptions generally, and
  • 50% by contributions from specific FIATECH members individually
    • namely: Aspentech, AVEVA, Bechtel, Bentley, CCC, CH2M HILL, Dow, Fluor, Intergraph and Shaw.

Note that the full JORD Project & Business Definition deliverable from Phase F is available on request to interested parties.

For a description of the front-end definition Phase-F, refer to Phase F 2010 final status and earlier mid-term-report.

For the original Feb 2010 JORD press release refer to JORD2010Announcement

During Phase F, the project steering committee comprised:

  • Nils Sandsmark (PCA General Manager),
  • Ric Jackson / Ray Topping (FIATECH Director),
  • Robin Benjamins (Bechtel & PCA Board),
  • Frank Matthewson (Bechtel & FIATECH Board),
  • Jann Slettebak (Aker Solutions & PCA Board),
  • Andy McBrien (Aspentech & FIATECH Member).
  • Ian Glendinning (Project Manager)


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