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JORD Project

JORD (Joint Operational Reference Data) is a joint initiative of PCA & FIATECH which aims ...

... to create a stable, scalable and commercially-viable operation
... of the ISO15926 reference data system and associated services

PCA and FIATECH invite members and non-members ...

... anyone who recognizes that their adoption of ISO15926 depends on shared reference data,
... to support this joint initiative to enhance operational reference data services


  • 1st Sep 2011 - Deadline for JORD Founder Member funding commitment.
  • 6th Jul 2011 - Second Management Review and monthly thereafter (On-Line).
  • 9th Jun 2011 - First interested parties Management Review of early deliverables (Oslo).
  • 4th May 2011 - Execution Phase 1 Kick-Off with all parties expressing interest (London).
    • (Over 20 companies expressing interest, including 6 Owner-Operators and 9 Contractors.)
  • 24th Feb 2011 - PCA & FIATECH board-level agreement to proceed with project execution (Houston).
  • Dec 2010 - Prospectus issued to all members and posted publicly.
  • Aug 2010 - Phase F completed.
  • Feb 2010 - Phase F (front-end planning and business model deliverables) started.
  • Feb 2010 - Joint PCA & FIATECH public announcement of the JORD Project.
  • Sep 2009 - Collaborative initiative by PCA & FIATECH to define a joint project.
  • Jun 2009 - Individual PCA and FIATECH initiatives to address the challenge
    of enhanced reference data service demands.


Agreed priority deliverables for Phase 1 Execution are listed here: Phase1Deliverables

2010 deliverables from Phase F include the JORD Prospectus and JORD Business Definition for the execution phase starting in 2011. For the invitation for funding of JORD project execution refer to the on-line copy of the JORD Invitation & JORD Prospectus. Any comments or proposals for improving the plan for the project and the subsequent operation are gratefully received.

Note that the full JORD Project & Business Definition Phase F deliverable is available on request to interested parties.

For a description of the front-end planning Phase-F, refer to Phase F 2010 final status and earlier mid-term-report.

For the original Feb 2010 JORD press release refer to JORD2010Announcement


Phase F funding was provided equally ...

  • 50% by all PCA Members subscriptions generally, and
  • 50% by contributions from specific FIATECH members individually
    • namely: Aspentech, AVEVA, Bechtel, Bentley, CCC, CH2M HILL, Dow, Fluor, Intergraph and Shaw.

During Phase F, the project steering committee comprised:

  • Nils Sandsmark (PCA General Manager),
  • Ray Topping (FIATECH Director),
  • Robin Benjamins (Bechtel & PCA Board),
  • Frank Matthewson (Bechtel & FIATECH Board),
  • Jann Slettebak (Aker Solutions & PCA Board),
  • Andy McBrien (Aspentech & FIATECH Member).

Project Manager is Ian Glendinning (DNV & Glenco-IS, PCA & FIATECH Member)
Contact: ian {at} glencois {dot} com


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