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JORD Project

JORD (Joint Operational Reference Data) is a joint initiative of PCA & FIATECH which aims " ... to create a stable, scalable and commercially-viable operation of the ISO15926 reference data system and associated services."

PCA and FIATECH members and non-members - anyone who recognizes that their adoption of ISO15926 depends on shared reference data - are invited to support this joint initiative to enhance operational reference data services.

STATUS TIMELINE May 2011 - (Execution Phase 1 Kick-Off Planned). Feb 2011 - Joint agreement to proceed with project execution. Dec 2010 - Prospectus issued to all members and posted publicly. Aug 2010 - Phase F completed. Feb 2010 - Phase F (front-end planning and business model deliverables) started. Feb 2010 - Joint PCA & FIATECH public announcement of the JORD Project. Sep 2009 - Collaborative initiative by PCA & FIATECH to define a joint project. Jun 2009 - Individual PCA and FIATECH initiatives to define a reference data service enhancement needs.

For a description of the front-end planning Phase-F, refer to the original 2009 announcement and mid-term-report.

Phase F funding was provided equally by PCA Members subscriptions generally and by contributions from specific FIATECH members - Aspentech, AVEVA, Bechtel, Bentley Systems, CCC, CH2M HILL, The Dow Chemical Company, Fluor, Intergraph and The Shaw Group. During Phase F, the project steering committee comprised Nils Sandsmark (PCA General Manager), Ray Topping (FIATECH Director), Robin Benjamins (Bechtel & PCA Board), Frank Matthewson (Bechtel & FIATECH Board), Jann Slettebak (Aker Solutions & PCA Board), Andy Mcbrien (Aspentech & FIATECH Member). Project Manager was Ian Glendinning (DNV & Glenco-IS, PCA & FIATECH Member)

2010 deliverables from Phase F include the JORD Prospectus and JORD Business Definition for the execution phase in 2011. For the invitation for funding of JORD project execution refer to the on-line copy of the invitation and prospectus. Any comments or proposals for improving the plan for the project and the subsequent operation are gratefully received.


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