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    1818||Alternative Designation||A new item can have one or several alternative designations. The alternative designation must also be unique.|||| 
    1919||RDL Definition||Definition of the class. Should be in the following form:       This field is mandatory for new classes. The definition should follow the following structure: A X with/that is/which has ……..[[BR]][[BR]]Where X refers to the superclass (and not the entity type). [[BR]][[BR]]Some examples that follow this structure:[[BR]][[BR]]·      CIRCULAR HOLLOW PROFILE - A hollow profile with two ends which has a constant circular hollow cross-section, except at the ends where it may have a special shape to support connection to other artefacts.[[BR]][[BR]]·      ALKALINE PUMP - A pump that is used for pumping alkaline liquids.x’[[BR]][[BR]]· CHRISTMAS TREE - An artefact that is an assembly of pipes and piping parts, with valves and associated control equipment that is connected to the top of a wellhead and is intended for control of fluid from a well.|||| 
    20 ||Submitting Organization|| |||| 
    21 ||Submitter|||||| 
     20||Submitting Organization|| The name of the company that has submitted the CR. |||| 
     21||Submitter|| The name of an individual submitter. || || 
    2222||label||The Label should be identical to the designation.|||| 
     25To pass the automatic verification new content must: 
     26 * have a Part 2 !EntityType 
     27 * have a superclass (to either an existing class in the PCA RDL or one of the newly proposed classes in the CR) 
     28 * have a definition and designation for classes 
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